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The few...

Is anyone else one of the few Brass girls in there band. I'm the only girl trombonist, and one of two girl Baritones. It saddens me since there are about ten total. And, I think the guys still believe in cooties. I swear, they stand at about a five meter radius away from us. Yet, that's not the half of it. You know what the girls in the band call all of the guys? Band Gay. I think they're more interested in each other half the time. One time stands out in my mind. It was a bus ride home from a competition. The Baritone guys were sitting on the opposite side of the bus and they were acting so wierd. First, they started humping thier seats, then they started playing with each others hair. I was so creeped out. XP Anyway, that's one of my band stories.(BTW, I love that you made a community like this. It makes me feel less alone in my brassiness.)
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