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The few...

Is anyone else one of the few Brass girls in there band. I'm the only girl trombonist, and one of two girl Baritones. It saddens me since there are about ten total. And, I think the guys still believe in cooties. I swear, they stand at about a five meter radius away from us. Yet, that's not the half of it. You know what the girls in the band call all of the guys? Band Gay. I think they're more interested in each other half the time. One time stands out in my mind. It was a bus ride home from a competition. The Baritone guys were sitting on the opposite side of the bus and they were acting so wierd. First, they started humping thier seats, then they started playing with each others hair. I was so creeped out. XP Anyway, that's one of my band stories.(BTW, I love that you made a community like this. It makes me feel less alone in my brassiness.)
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Hmm... I know you...

And I remember that day all too well. They didn't have the guts to act like that with God around, mahaha. Cowards.
Yeah, we have more girls than guys in our band...but...our boys act similar to them...I think it's something to do with immiturity.

But yet, in my drum corps, they still act insane, just not that immiture; there's a time to goof off and a time to be as serious as hell; and hs band guys just don't get that concept....well most of them anyhow, there's a few with brains out there!
From my experience, it was kinda fun being one of the few girls in brass. It's like saying, "Yeah--I'm tough. Psh--Woodwinds?"
There's limited chicks in our band.

I'm the only girl trombone in my region... it sucks a bit.

Guys generally just are that weird (ESPECIALLY low brass guys) Don't worry though, It could just be that they are intimidated by you. It has been known to happen (at least it did when I was in HS band) BUT still don't worry I think that is a description of alot of HS guys, it gets better.
I'm the only girl in the whole low wind section.
The guys turned me into one of them...
I've gotten more perverted when I joined band...
But it's cool because the guys don't kepp stuff in and they do whatever they want in front of me.
Someimes it seems like I'm more perverted than all of them combined...
I was the only girl in the lower brass section (yay euphonium!) and one of two girls in the entire brass section. It was a small band, but still. I played sax in another band and was the only girl there for a few years - when we went to a festival and there were other girl bari sax players I had to take all their pictures. ^^

So yea, I feel your pain.
I'm one of 2 girls in low brass (TUBA!!), and the other one is only in 7th grade, so it's kinda like I'm the only one. There are 2 girls who play trumpet, so that makes 4 girls in brass overall. I have to say, I really like being in a section with all guys. I think it's more fun- a looot less drama, and we just have a good time and don't care about anything. They're a lot more easygoing than the woodwinds- seems like they have a new drama every week & that gets on my nerves. Plus, it's fun to pretend I'm tough and have people say "No way do you play the tuba!" and then I can say "As a matter of fact, I do." :P
only girl in tuba line, there are 2 trombone girls, and one baritone girl... saddnss. but thats okay. they are all leaving next year... haha sucks for them...kinda of a relief to get outa the flute section too much girl drama.. my section has one senior and a freshmen in it.. the senior took him about a year to finally start talking to me like he does this freshmen who just came in this year ( i am a sophmore) so yeah... thats my input. i like this community too..
wow.. another tuba player who switched from flute?? you're my hero!! And I totally agree with you on the too-much-flute-drama thing.
I'm not saying I don't like being in a section with a lot of guys, but they're just idiots sometimes (most of the time^^) I love that I don't have to deal with all the girl drama crap all the time. Guys are just easier to hang around with...if they actually talk to you. They can be cool sometimes, but a lot of the guys in my section are total assholes. Anywho, glad to see others share my sentiments^^ (and hi Kelli)
This past year in marchign band i was one of 3 girls in the 12 person low brass section...this year ones going back to flute and the other is quitting...i'm actually looking forward to it because it means that i will get my way all the time. :-P Guys are so much easier to be around (most of the time) because there is less drama and more stupid/perverted stuff that as a girl youre not supposed to find funny but you can if youre in low brass. in concert band...i play bassoon so not a brass intsrument(until i switch to bariton hopefully) but theres only 2 girls in that group out of..12 people total