shana (shanaynanayner) wrote in brass_chicks,

the classic "this is who I am!" post

So, well, I just sort of stumbled on thsi community and I'd though I'd introudce myself.

I'm 17, I'm going to be a senior in high school, and this will be my 5th year playing the tuba. I played the euphonium for 4 years before that. Last year for festival, my band played the Klaxxon march for a warm-up, and then Divertimento for Band and Cuban Overture. Oh, and I'm in love with my purple plastic mouthpiece.

I'm marching band conductor for this year, although we dont actually have a marching band. Our 3 bands take turns "marching" (more like a disinterested stroll) for each game. We sort of form a "W" ( I go to walt whitman high school) and then play, and then stroll off.

Is it hard to join a college marching band without much experience? Also, it is hard to transition from a tuba to a sousaphone? Because of our lack of a marching band my school also lacks a sousaphone, and I've just been lugging my tuba on the field for 3 years.

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