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Drum & Bugle Corps (DCA)

Well, well, well...

I actually got into Alliance Drum & Bugle Corps.(DCA) And I am having a blast. Usually I'm the only girl in the contra line....well...I'm the only girl in the bugle department....and there's one girl in the drumline...Sucks? NOooo!!!! It's freaking awesome! If the contra wasn't such a BEAST I would be having even more fun, Lol.

I was nervous at first. But it was kool. I liked all the guys, even the cocky ones, and hung out with them everywhere...But after that first day, when I got back from the motel, I had to put ice all over my body practically, then I had to take a HOT bath forever, then I put Icy-Hot on me. It helped...but it was still hard getting out of bed the next morning...I was one big bruise.

The St. Patrick's Parade is coming up. And it's in downtown Atlanta. I'm kind of upset because I'm the only one suffering, I believe. They said I should get used to the weight around the 2nd or 3rd camp. I really hope so...

In the mean time, I'm going to be doing some mucho push-ups, cardio, running, and chasing squirrels around in the front lawn on a tricycle.

Hoping the best for everybody else,

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